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There are many ways to clean makeup sponges, but I’ve found that this one is the easiest. If you’re like me, you use your makeup sponge every time you apply makeup, for foundation, concealer, and maybe even powder. They get dirty very quickly, and it’s important to clean them often!

Over the past few years, I have been searching the internet for the best ways to clean my makeup sponge! And oh boy, there are some crazy ones.

I used dish soap for the longest time – similar to how I use dish soap to wash my makeup brushes, because I would always wash them at the same time!

The problem with using dish soap to wash your makeup sponge is that it takes FOREVER to rinse it out! It feels like the sponge is always going to have bubbles coming out of it, no matter how much water I rinse through it or as many times I squeeze it.

I wanted to stop wasting so much water while rinsing out my makeup sponges. Using a container of water doesn’t work for this either, because you just squeeze soap back into the sponge… so I needed a new method.

Pinterest showed me a weird “hack” for cleaning makeup sponges – using a microwave.

Pinterest screenshot -


Okay, maybe boiling water (or just very hot water) can clean the inside of my sponge better than I can, but that doesn’t clean all the makeup out of my sponge. New method still required.

Conveniently, beautyblender sells a special sponge cleaner! And a dry shampoo type of sponge spray. And a solid cleanser. All for $16-18 each.

Personally, it seems a little gimmicky to me. Yes, I’m sure these products do clean makeup sponges! But I haven’t tried them, because it seems like they’re just soap with a specialized intent.

Then someone asked me, “have you ever tried using bar soap?”

Uhhhh, no. But I will!

Who knew that the answer to my search of the BEST cleaner for makeup sponges was a plain bar of soap.

Needed Supplies:

  • makeup sponge
  • bar of soap
  • water

I’ve heard from many people that you can use just about any normal bar of soap to clean your beauty blender, or dupe makeup sponge!

I personally use my bar of black African soap, which I consistently used as facial soap for well over a year!

I use this soap because I know it’s gentle, and I know that my skin won’t react poorly to it.

Any bar of soap is probably fine to use, but I would stay away from heavily scented or conditioning (oily) soaps.

Step 1: Wet it

Using warm water (but not HOT! You will have to squeeze the sponge and do not want to burn yourself) fully wet your makeup sponge.

Make sure to squeeze it a few times under running water or submerged in water to ensure that the center is wet and air has escaped.

Step 2: Soap it

Rub your bar of soap and makeup sponge together, rotating the sponge around until all of it has been covered with soap.

Step 3: Squeeze it

Massage the sponge for 30 seconds to a minute, adding a little water if necessary.

This will work the soap in the sponge more!

Step 4: Rinse it

Until the water is clear! Make sure you are squeezing the sponge while you are rinsing it to make sure soap isn’t trapped in the middle.

Step 5: Use it or let it dry

What’s great about makeup sponges is that you use them wet, so you can use them right after they’ve been washed! And there is no better feeling than a clean blender bouncing on your skin!!!! (oh, that’s just me? 😉

If you aren’t using it right away, leave it out to dry.

There isn’t anything special you need to do with this, just make sure you don’t put it in anything that prevents air flow to the sponge, such as a plastic bag. If your makeup sponge can’t properly dry, mold could eventually grow in it!

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I’ve found this to be the easiest, quickest, and best way to clean my makeup sponge on a regular basis.

I suggest cleaning your sponge at least every other week when you clean your makeup brushes. Weekly cleanings can be great for people who use their sponges daily!

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