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The past couples weeks, we’ve been on a disinfecting journey together, with tons of posts that are packed with information on how to wash, clean, and sanitize your makeup! However, all this info is spread across many posts and could be time consuming to read… if only there was a condensed version of my Sanitization Series, with only the important how-to info… Oh wait, there is! It’s my FREE Ultimate Makeup Sanitization Guide!

FREE Ultimate Makeup Sanitization Guide -

This guide is essentially a mini PDF ebook that breaks down how to sanitize your makeup into simple, easy to follow steps.

In the Ultimate Makeup Sanitization Guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why disinfecting makeup is important
  • What makeup sanitization supplies you need
  • Which makeup products and tools can be sanitized
  • How to sanitize eyeshadow palettes
  • How to wash makeup brushes
  • Easily disinfecting makeup tools
  • How to clean makeup sponges
  • How to disinfect lipstick

Plus, bonuses that were not included in the Sanitization Series:

  • Disinfecting powder bronzers, blushes, and highlighters
  • Sanitizing foundation
  • Disinfecting eyeliners and lipliners
  • What you CAN’T sanitize
  • How to keep your makeup sanitary from now on

Wow. That’s a lot of information!

Trust me, if I can follow this guide to keep my makeup disinfected, you can too!

I’m convinced of the importance of keeping my makeup sanitary, especially if I want to share it with someone else.

If you haven’t already read the full length posts in the Sanitization Series, you can find them all here:

Sanitization Series:

  1. Why You Should Sanitize Makeup
  2. EASILY Sanitize Eyeshadow Palettes
  3. Wash Makeup Brushes with Dish Soap
  4. Disinfect Makeup Tools
  5. Clean Makeup Sponges
  6. Sanitize Lipstick in 2 Minutes
  7. Ultimate FREE Makeup Sanitization Guide!!!!

And if you still aren’t convinced that you need this guide, check out these sneak peaks!

Free Ultimate Makeup Sanitization Guide! How to sanitize eyeshadow palettes easily on
Free Ultimate Makeup Sanitization Guide! How to wash makeup brushes with dish soap on
Free Ultimate Makeup Sanitization Guide! How to wash makeup sponges on

Get your copy of the makeup sanitation guide here!

You can download your own copy linked here. This is for personal use only, do not distribute to others (but you can link a friend to this page for them to download it themselves!)

xoxo, Kailey
This Ultimate FREE Makeup Sanitization Guide has everything I need to know about keeping all my makeup products and tools disinfected and clean! Plus, it puts it in a way that is easy to understand and DIY at home with most supplies that I already own. The whole series is on, check it out!

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