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If you’re a makeup enthusiast like me, you’ll love these beautiful makeup vanity ideas! Complete with plenty of drawers for product storage and gorgeous lighted mirrors, these vanities are perfect for your beauty room, bedroom, or office space.

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The Ikea Alex drawer vanity is very popular, but many people have asked for ideas other than this social-media & YouTuber favorite. Here are many options, from circular mirrors to flip tops, multiple styles and finishes to help you find a vanity you’ll love!

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9 Beautiful Makeup Vanity Ideas:

Simple and Small Vanity

This vanity is perfect for smaller rooms.

The square design gives this vanity a modern touch, yet the slight curves in the table legs brings some of the “classic” vanity feel into the design.

A single drawer spans the width of the vanity, and the mirror is big and bright!

Simple and small, this vanity would be ideal for a makeup enthusiast with a smaller size makeup collection.

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White Vanity with a Circular Mirror

The biggest trend the past couple years has been a shift to circular lighted mirrors on vanities.

I personally love the circular look! This vanity features two drawers that are several inches deep, allowing you to fit a decent sized makeup collection.

The matching stool complements the vanity very well, with matching legs and grey cushion.

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Modern Vanity with Plenty of Drawers

The best part about this vanity has to be the 4 drawers! Everything feels more organized when it has it’s own space, and four drawers make it easy to separate different makeup products and tools.

This vanity has a wide tabletop and looks very modern with the mix of white and natural wood.

Downside for some? This mirror isn’t pre-lit. If your room needs additional lighting, you will have to add it yourself – though it is very easy and inexpensive to add vanity lights like these.

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Wooden Flip-Top Vanity

Looking for a natural wood finish?

This minimalistic vanity design features a flip-top mirror. When the mirror is closed, it looks like a simple desk or hall table!

The matching stool is modern with a white cushion, fitting perfectly under the vanity to be tucked away when not in use.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous and grown-up vanity option, this one is my top pick.

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Black Farmhouse Vanity

This tri-panel mirrored vanity is dark and luxurious.

Black wood makes this vanity stand out, compared to popular white vanities. The dark features feel sophisticated and look gorgeous.

The 3-piece set includes a vanity with 5 drawers, the folding mirror, and a matching black stool.

I think the coolest part of this vanity’s design is the mirror – the outer panels are on hinges, allowing you to angle them however you’d like. How awesome is that?!

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Gold and Glass Vanity

I love the modern trend of gold metallic furniture and accessories. This vanity brings that trend to life, featuring a gold metal frame and a glass tabletop.

While this vanity doesn’t have drawers for storage, it is the perfect place to display your fancy jewelry and high end cosmetics.

It would look absolutely gorgeous in any part of your home, from the entryway to your bedroom!

The glass tabletop might not be as study as a wood one (something to keep in mind if you have pets or kids), but it is extremely easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about stains. The mirror can be angled, which is awesome too.

If you’re looking for a very fancy looking vanity, this is a great choice.

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And while the vanity already comes with a stool, wouldn’t these look adorable with it?

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Beautiful Makepup Vanity Ideas beautybrainsblush

Natural and Navy Modern Vanity

I don’t have navy decor in my home, but this natural wood and navy vanity is absolutely stunning.

The lights on this circular mirror are internal, which looks very chic and modern.

You can adjust the LED lighting between three different tones and to whatever brightness you’d like, which is awesome.

This vanity has two large drawers at the normal table level, and two smaller drawers on either side of the mirror. The round knobs complement the modern design perfectly.

The stool is sturdy and features a thin strip of navy to match the vanity.

Also available in white and black, this one is definitely at the top of my list.

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Crystal Mirrored Vanity

If you’re looking for the most glamorous looking vanity that you can find, a crystal mirrored vanity is perfect for you.

This vanity is fully covered in mirrors, from the tabletop to the front of the drawers. The drawer knobs match beautifully, with clear glass crystal designs.

Crystal designs outline the drawers on the front side of the vanity, creating a gorgeous border around the perimeter.

The large mirror spans a good width of the vanity, and the included LED lights are dimmable.

It might be difficult to keep this vanity fingerprint-free, but the beauty is worth it!

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Ridiculously Expensive Modern Vanity

Okay, that isn’t the official name of this vanity, but it should be.

To be fair, this vanity is absolutely gorgeous.

The high-gloss white table. Metallic gold features. Incredible design. Built in drawer dividers. Uniquely modern drawer knob. A HUGE mirror, perfectly split in two, in an uber-modern style.

It includes the asymmetrical vanity table, huge two piece mirror, and the matching stool.

But do you think it’s worth the price tag? Personally, I don’t think so – but it’s so gorgeous that it had to be included on this list!

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Beautiful Makepup Vanity Ideas beautybrainsblush

Do you have a gorgeous vanity? I’d love for you to share your beautiful makeup vanity ideas with me below in a comment!

This is my vanity:

It isn’t super fancy, but I love it!

xoxo, Kailey

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