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Do you use a makeup sponge in your routine, or are you still applying cosmetic products with old brushes or your fingers?

Do you need some convincing to jump into the world of makeup sponges?

Makeup Glossary

There may be affiliate links in this post. If you purchase through these links we may make a small commission at no cost to you. Please see terms and privacy for more information.

Here are ten reasons why you should use a makeup sponge in your beauty routine: 

1 – Easy to use

All you have to do to use a makeup sponge is completely saturate it with water, squeeze out the excess, and apply product to your face in bouncing motions.

2 – Easy to clean

There are many products available that are advertised as beauty sponge cleaners, but you can also use your normal bar or dish soap to cleanse them! Unlike makeup brushes, they are made to be wet, so you don’t have to worry about soaking a sponge or drying it a certain way so the glue and bristles aren’t damaged

10 Reasons You Should Use a Makeup Sponge

3 – Sanitary

If you use your fingers to apply your makeup, you should probably stop (or make sure you’re doing it carefully). Using your hands can spread oils and bacteria, causing your skin to break out. As long as you wash your sponges regularly, they are more sanitary to use.

4 – Versatile

You can use a beauty sponge to color correct, apply primer, foundation, concealer, powder, cream blush, cream contour, highlight, or set your face.

5 – Minimizes the number of tools you need

Because of its versatility, you can use one (or maybe two!) sponge for your whole face – instead of 5-15 makeup brushes with different shapes and densities.

6 – Travel friendly

Makeup sponges are small, especially when they are dry. You don’t have to worry about storing them in a super careful way – they’ll be fine just resting inside your makeup bag! Plus, because they reduce the number of brushes you need to bring with you, you can bring a smaller makeup bag (or have room for more products 😉 )

10 Reasons You Should Use a Makeup Sponge

7 – Fast

Because makeup sponges are so easy to use, you can apply your makeup more quickly with them. They cover a large area of your face at one time and you don’t have to blend nearly as much as you do with a brush!

8 – Smooth finish

Applies liquid and cream products to the face evenly and smoothly, without leaving any streaks like you can get from makeup brushes. In my experience, makeup sponges make my makeup look the most natural and flawless!

9 – Variety

There are SO many beauty sponges on the market, you are almost certain to find a perfect match for you! While the Beauty Blender is the original, go-to makeup sponge, many other brands have improved their sponges over the past few years and have comparable (or better!) products.

10 – Price

You can spend a good $50 – $150 buying makeup brush collections. Makeup sponges can be used in place of many (though not all) brushes, which saves you money! Sponges can be found in the range of $1 – $25! My favorite (below) is $7.

10 Reasons You Should Use a Makeup Sponge


Makeup Sponge Recommendations:

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If you want a classic Beauty Blender, go for it! I personally have the black “pro” version. It’s light and fluffy and hides makeup stains better than the original pink color. This is one of the more expensive popular sponges on the market.

If you want to save a little cash, you can try Real Techniques – many people LOVE their iconic orange blenders, but they have many varieties of their own now too! These sponges are more dense than the original Beauty Blender, but can be found more easily at stores.

These are my personal favorite “drugstore” and indie affordable sponges; Morphe, e.l.f., and Colourpop!

Drugstore and off-brand makeup sponges:

There are TOO many makeup sponges for me to list! The three above have all been tested by thousands (including me!) so I’m able to recommend them with confidence.

Personally, I’ve disliked every makeup sponge I’ve gotten that is off-brand and $3 at the drugstore. I think it’s worth the investment of $7-10 to get a good sponge than go through many very cheap ones, hoping that one is good!

I recommend searching reviews on sponges if you want one that isn’t listed here. There are other good ones out there!

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