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It’s 2019 and this year we will sanitize our makeup! Makeup is a breeding ground for germs, which can hurt you and others you may share makeup with. There are so many reason why you should sanitize makeup!

Happy New Year, beauties! I wanted to kick off 2019 with a new series, focusing entirely on disinfecting makeup.

While professional makeup artists already know the importance of keeping cosmetic products and tools clean and bacteria free, most of us don’t regularly sanitize our personal makeup collections.

If you don’t disinfect your makeup on a regular basis (or ever!) I urge you to start doing so this year.

Why should I sanitize my makeup?

Good question.

For your skin’s sake:

Our skin produces oils and sheds cells often, which can contaminate our makeup products and brushes (yuck!).

This is especially relevant for people who suffer from various forms of acne.

When we continue to use dirty makeup and tools, we keep spreading the oils and germs back to our faces – causing more acne and breakouts.

Just thinking about putting germ filled products back onto my skin, which will almost certainly make my inflammation worse, makes me cringe.

Mascara - the ultimate guide to everything you need to know

For your vision’s sake:

If you use infected makeup around your eyes, such as eyeshadow, eyeliners, and mascaras, and some of that bacteria grows and spreads – bam. You have pink eye, or worse.

Using old or infected makeup around your eyes can cause serious damage  that can actually hurt your vision!

It’s definitely not worth taking any risks here.

Learn more about mascara and the risks of unsanitary mascara here

For your friends’ sake:

The above reasons apply to only your own health, but if you share makeup with friends and family, you are putting everyone else at risk too!

The more people that use your makeup, the more germs that come in contact with the product or tools that you share.

This is especially true for eye makeup – you should never share liquid eye products, such as eyeliners and mascaras, with anyone else.

But if you have shared makeup in the past, you can sanitize and continue sharing most of it – if you take the right precautions.

What makeup can I disinfect?

Now that you’re convinced that you should be disinfecting your makeup, let’s go over what you CAN disinfect:

  • Makeup Brushes
  • Makeup Sponges
  • Other makeup tools (think spatulas, eyelash curlers)
  • Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Powder Foundations, Bronzers, Blushes, and Highlighters
  • Pencil Eyeliners
  • Lipliner Pencils
  • Some Lipsticks

For the most part, these types of products are relatively clean, IF you haven’t touched the applicators to your skin:

  • products in a bottle with a pump (foundations)
  • products in a squeeze tube or dropper (foundations, bb, concealer, cream blush & highlighter)

But these types of products where you typically use the applicator on your skin and put it back in the product, you CANNOT sanitize*

  • liquid eyeliner
  • mascara
  • liquid lipsticks
  • lipgloss
  • pomades
  • concealers and foundations with wands

*unless you don’t “double dip” into the product, such as makeup artists that put a small amount of product on a palette for each client or use disposable applicators that are not reinserted into the product after use

How To Sanitize Makeup -

What supplies do I need to disinfect my makeup?

Fortunately, you don’t need large or expensive things to clean your makeup.

For many makeup products, you really only need one cleaner:

  • 70% alcohol from the drugstore, for as little as $1!

But, having these things will make the cleaning process much easier:

  • small spray bottle
  • cotton swabs
  • micellar water
  • paper towels

Why Sanitize Makeup -

Hopefully you’re convinced that you should take the steps to sanitize makeup this year.

The next few posts will teach you step by step how to clean your makeup and keep it sanitary!

Sanitization Series:

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