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Concealer, sometimes referred to as “cover up,” is one of those makeup products that we all use but don’t seem to talk about. It’s the secret weapon in your makeup bag that covers your dark circles and blemishes, making you look awake and “normal” again. But there are so many additional unique and cool ways to use concealer to get the most out of this awesome product! Keep reading to learn these thirteen concealer tips for beginners.

Makeup Glossary

1. Apply concealer in an upside-down triangle shape to cover dark circles

Aside from blemishes, covering dark under-eye circles is the most important job a concealer has!

To properly conceal undereye discoloration, apply concealer in an upside down triangle shape under your eyes, connecting the inner and outer corners of your eye with the bottom of your nose.

If you only put the concealer directly under your eye, following the curve of your darker eye bags, it will look unnatural. Adding a bit more product below your dark circles will create a more perfect appearance!

If desiring less coverage or product, you do not have to fill in the whole triangle with concealer. Simply apply less product in a triangular shape and blend it out for even coverage.

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2. Use concealer to sharpen your winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can get shaky and messy when your hand isn’t steady. It’s also so difficult to get both wings to be even!

Because most of us use a dark black eyeliner, mistakes show very easy (especially on someone with as light of a complexion as me).

Taking some high coverage concealer on a small brush, you can easily clean up the bottom of your winged eyeliner and make it super sharp.

3. A tiny bit of light concealer in your eye’s inner corner makes you look more awake

You’ve probably seen the quick makeup YouTuber trick that to make your eyes look extra bright – putting a light, shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of their eye, sometimes called an “inner corner highlight.”

You can achieve the same effect using a light colored concealer. This will brighten up your eyes and help you look more alert, and isn’t as “glam” as a shimmery eyeshadow.

Of course, you can still add a shimmery eyeshadow on top – and it will look even better layered over the concealer! This is one of my personal favorite concealer tips for beginners. It’s super easy and makes such a difference!

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Concealer is an awesome makeup product that we all use! Here are my top 13, BEST Concealer Tips for beginners at makeup (or experts!). Check this out and more at!

4. Apply color correcting concealer before foundation

There are two main “types” of concealer: skin toned concealer, and color correcting concealer.

The idea behind color correcting lies in color theory – complimentary colors on the color wheel should balance each other out, thus “correcting” unwanted discoloration on the face.

To use color correcting concealer in the right order in your makeup routine, it should be applied after primer and before foundation. Because you could be applying green or purple product to your skin to “correct” it, it will leave a funny cast of color that can easily be covered by foundation, but might look strange if you apply it top of foundation.

5. Peach concealer helps balance out dark circles

We don’t always get a full 8 hours of sleep at night. In fact, when’s the last time you DID get 8 full hours of sleep?

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired and even sickly. You might truly feel tired, too – or the dark circles can be hereditary, and no matter how much you sleep you can’t get rid of them (me!).

A peach colored concealer (under foundation) can help balance out the dark discoloration under your eyes. When you apply foundation on top of a peach color corrector, it will appear much brighter and you’ll look more awake!

6. Dab green concealer on a blemish or other redness to tone it down

We all have blemishes that pop up out of nowhere.

To conceal a red area of your face, dab a small amount of green concealer on the redness. The green will neutralize the discoloration!

Make sure to do this under foundation, or it will leave a green cast.

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7. Use a concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone for highlighting

To really bring the high points of your face forward, use a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone. I recommend going 1 shade lighter, but you can go 2 shades lighter for a more dramatic effect.

Essentially, you want to highlight the middle of your face. Highlight the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow, and chin. You can also use a lighter concealer under your eyes.

Bonus Tip: When choosing a shade lighter, make sure you are still getting the correct undertone for your skin!


8. Use a concealer the same shade as your foundation to conceal blemishes

While it’s great to use a lighter concealer to highlight the face, you don’t want to highlight and draw attention to your blemishes.

To cover unwanted areas, use a full coverage concealer that is the exact same shade as your foundation. If you aren’t wearing foundation, use one the same shade as your skin tone.

Why should you use concealer instead of just using your foundation? Good question.

The heavier coverage of the concealer will camouflage the blemish and blend it in to the rest of your skin. If you use your foundation for this step, it might take a few layers to fully cover the blemish – causing a “cakey” look to your foundation.

This is my favorite concealer for covering blemishes:

9. Need more coverage to cover a blemish? Dab some concealer on top and wait 2 minutes before blending it out.

Have you ever blended out concealer on top of a blemish, just to find that it blends away and it isn’t covered at all?


The quickest trick to avoid this problem is to dab a little bit of concealer on top of the blemish, then leave it alone. This is one of my favorite concealer tips (for beginners, but also for everybody!).

After a couple minutes, blend it out. The exposure to the air will start to dry the concealer, creating a thicker layer on top of the blemish that will fully cover it!

Be careful not to use too much concealer with this method, because it can look cakey pretty quickly – just like the foundation note above.

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10. Use concealer to clean up your eyebrows

Brows can be super tricky. If you define your brows with a pencil or pomade, it’s easy to accidentally “draw outside the lines,” which makes your eyebrows look messy.

Using a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation, you can easily take a small brush (I prefer eyeliner brushes!) to clean up the edges of your brow and make them more precise.

Some people like to use a lighter colored concealer to make their brows pop. This step will make your brows look more carved out (think, “IG brow”) and less natural.

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11. Out of eyeshadow primer? Use concealer.

If you eyeshadow doesn’t seem as pigmented as it should be, or you’re simply out of eyeshadow primer, grab your concealer!

Dab a bit of product on your eye and blend it out entirely. The concealer will act as a base for the eyeshadow, helping it last longer and appear bolder.

A GREAT concealer to use as eyeshadow primer is this ELF one:

12. Clean up lipstick lines

I love wearing red lipsticks, but if I mess up and overline my lips a bit too much, it looks kind of crazy.

Even when I take off my lipstick, sometimes my skin is stained pink!

To clean up your lip lines, take a bit of concealer the same shade as your foundation on a lip brush. Carefully outline your lips to create sharp lines where needed.

13. Contour with a darker shade of concealer

Do you like cream contours, but don’t want to spend the money on them? Or maybe you can’t find one with the perfect undertone.

Grab a concealer about 2 shades darker than your skin tone, and use that instead!

Similar to the technique of using a lighter shade to highlight, using a darker shade of concealer to contour your face will give the illusion of shadows and give structure to your face.

You can use a cooler toned concealer for cream contour, or even warmer toned concealer as a cream bronzer.


Concealer is an awesome makeup product that we all use! Here are my top 13, BEST Concealer Tips for beginners at makeup (or experts!). Check this out and more at!

I hope this post helped you learn some awesome tips for using concealer!

Concealer is truly a very versatile makeup product. It can be used for so many things, and there are so many good tips here to help you get the most out of your concealer tube.

What are your favorite concealer tips for beginners? For experts?

xoxo, Kailey

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