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As a person with an extremely light skin tone, I often find that “universal” shades of bronzer look too dark or warm toned on my skin. Keep reading this article to see my recommendations for the best bronzers for fair skin tones!

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If you are fair to light and can’t find a great bronzer for your skin tone, you’re in the right place. Here I’m sharing my favorite and best bronzers for fair skin.

And if you’re new here, hi, I’m Kailey, and this is why I am writing this article:

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As you can see, my complexion is on the light side. My foundation match tends to be in the first 3 shades of a brand’s shade range, you can see all of my veins through my nearly translucent skin, and to be entirely honest that photo is edited to make me look slightly warmer-toned. Plus, I wear a LOT of blush.

Unfortunately, I am not a great resource to share products geared towards people with medium, dark, or deep skin tones. I simply have no personal experience with those shades. If you’re looking for recommendations on any specific skin tone, I suggest listening to beauty influencers who have similar skin tones to you; it can be very helpful to see what products and shades they use. In the future I would love to share recommendations for readers with a multitude of skin tones; if anyone would like to collaborate with me on that, please reach out! I’d love to work with someone and share their suggestions based on their experience with products.

Best Bronzers for Fair Skin Tones

These recommendations are based on my experiences with my fair (why is it called “fair”? It’s such a strange term for very light skin), cool-toned (pink undertones) complexion. Let’s jump into it!

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

If you’re a makeup junkie, you probably guessed that the famous Butter Bronzer would be on my list. This is my all time favorite bronzer due to the formula, blendability, and natural sheen.

I personally have only used the original “Bronzer” shade, and haven’t yet used the “Light Bronzer” shade that has since been released. The “Bronzer” shade is great for me in the summer, and a little too deep for me in the winter – if your skin tone is similar to mine, you might have the same issue. I plan on picking up “Light Bronzer” to use in the winter time when I tend to be the most pale, but I’d recommend the original “Bronzer” shade too; use a light hand to apply and you should be fine!

Note: This bronzer is scented like a coconut vacation. It’s a wonderful smell but if your skin is sensitive to fragrance, this might not be the best option for you. The smell does not linger after application.

Shop at Amazon | Physican’s Formula | Target | Ulta

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

This bronzer is my go-to cool, light bronzer. It is the perfect shade for me in the winter months when I’m very pale, and can be built up and used as a cool-toned contour as well.

If you want a bronzer that is matte yet natural, I’d recommend this one. It blends beautifully and has the slightest natural sheen, while not being shimmery or reflective.

Note: This bronzer is intensely scented like chocolate. Just like the note above, if you are sensitive to fragrance you might not like this product. The smell does not linger after application.

Shop at Sephora | Too Faced | Ulta

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

This high-end duo includes a bronzer on the left, and a highlighter on the right. At first I was intimidated by the bronzer because of the amount of glittery flecks in the pan. Great news: this product does not appear shimmery on the skin, but just has a nice, natural glow.

The shade of the bronzer side is similar in depth and finish to the PF Butter Bronzer but pulls slightly warmer, redder toned. It does not look orange on my skin, though!

If you want a high end product that includes both a great bronzer and highlighter (which is beautiful and pretty natural looking), I recommend this duo, it won’t disappoint! If you just want a bronzer at a more reasonable cost, go for the Butter Bronzer above.

Shop at Charlotte Tilbury | Sephora (mini version linked)

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Lite Matte Bronzer

Hoola is a fan favorite bronzer with a wonderful matte formula. If you’re looking for a very matte bronzer, this is the one for you.

The regular Hoola shade is far too warm for my skin tone, which is why I recommend the Hoola Lite version. Even though it is lighter in tone, this bronzer is still a bit warmer toned than the previously mentioned bronzers – if you’re going for that summer tan vibe, this might be the perfect option for you.

Shop at Benefit Cosmetics | Sephora | Ulta

Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer – Inda Sun

A soft matte option, this shade (Inda Sun) is the lightest bronzer in Fenty Beauty’s line.

It is a great neutral undertone option that doesn’t pull too cool or too warm. Plus, it is buildable and natural looking when applied. You might have to layer product to build up to your desired opaqueness, but I personally prefer having to add more of a product to build it up than it being too pigmented and difficult to sheer out or blend!

Shop at Fenty Beauty | Sephora

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I hope this guide will help you find a bronzer you will love!

Since I can’t personally try every bronzer option on the market, I (and other readers) would appreciate if you shared your best bronzers for fair skin in a comment below. I’d love to know what your favorite is so I can try it, too!

xoxo, Kailey

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