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There haven’t been many new makeup launches in the world of cosmetics the past couple months, but Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Cremated” collection is here now to shake things up!

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One thing is for sure – JSC is willing to reach some creative themes with their makeup collections.

The name of the newest collection from Jeffree Star’s cosmetics line is “Cremated,” consisting of a “spooky gothic dream” eyeshadow palette and other themed products and merchandise.

Author’s Note June 2020: Due to everything that has come out about JS and his actions, this is going to be our last post about JSC products. I’ve never owned any JSC products personally, but have posted about new releases because it is a very popular topic in the beauty industry. This post and the others about his past releases are going to remain on the blog, but I’d much rather promote brands and beauty creators that aren’t problematic and racist. Thanks for understanding! – Kailey

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cremated Palette Information

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  • Releases on May 22, 2020 10am PST
  • Available on Beautylish
  • Name: Cremated
  • Cool toned neutral goth theme
  • 24 shades – no pigments, all eyeshadows!
    • Mattes
    • NEW Extreme Sparkle Metallic Formula
  • Vegan formula
  • $58

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cremated COLLECTION

The Gloss:

  • $18 each
  • 4 Shades, left to right in the photo below:
    • Heaven’s Gate
    • Coroner’s Kiss
    • Funeral Parlor
    • Six Feet Under

The last 5th swatch is Six Feet Under layered on top of JSC’s black lipstick “Weirdo”

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cremated The Gloss Swatches

Source: YouTube


  • Black Marble Travel Bag
    • $30
  • White Marble Makeup Bag
    • $25
  • Cremated Metal Straw Set
    • $19.99

On May 15, 2020 Jeffree posted this image to his Instagram account.

In the center of the photo is the “Cremated” palette, with a gorgeous white and grey marble box. Also in the image are identical patterned unicartons on a pile of “The Gloss” lipgloss, a matching black and white marble makeup bag, and a black iconic Star mirror.

The name of this palette plays on Jeffree Star’s humor and catchphrases. He commonly says “I’m deceased” when something is funny or he uses an awesome makeup product.

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That’s not to say that there isn’t any controversy surrounding this launch – to name a palette “Cremated” during a worldwide pandemic is making many people angry. I’m sure the name was picked before the pandemic, since it is definitely something that is very JS – but that doesn’t excuse its’ poor timing. There are definitely better times to release a palette full of shade names surrounding death (Halloween, maybe?).

To add, there is always controversy surrounding ALL things that JS and JSC do, since JS has been very problematic for a long time. No matter when this palette was named or whether or not the release is appropriate right now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to purchase this collection and support the creators.


What do you think about this sneak peek of the new launch? Is this a color story that you love, or hate?

I personally love cool toned neutrals, but the palette packaging of Jeffree’s face doesn’t make me a fan – if it was just the marble pattern, I would like the packaging more. Leave me your thoughts below in a comment!

xoxo, Kailey

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