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You’re new to falsies (aka fake lashes or false lashes) and you’re ready to jump in and try a pair! But, there are so many to choose from. Which lashes are the best for you? Keep reading to learn about the best false eyelashes for beginners!

I assume you’re reading this because you are interested in false eyelashes. But how much do you actually know about them? Before you grab a pair and try to stick them on your eye, make sure you know everything you need to know! I just wrote a full guide about falsies, check that out and then come right back!

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Awesome, now you know everything you need to know before getting started.

So, which lashes are the best?

Lots of them.

Here is everything you should be looking for when searching for beginner-friendly falsies!

Makeup Glossary

1: Natural looking lashes

Trust me, I have nothing against bold and big falsies. But as a beginner, it’s better to start off with natural variations.


  • They are usually easier to apply
  • They don’t weigh as much
  • They are often less expensive

Have you ever considered how heavy false eyelashes can be on your eye?

I never did!

It’s only after wearing BIG lashes for an entire evening that my eyes physically felt fatigued.

2: A thin, flexible lash band

There are multiple reasons you should find a thin and flexible lash band, instead of a thick one.

  • It curves naturally with your eye
  • Less likely to poke you
  • Typically are smaller and lighter
  • They’re easier to apply!

In my opinion, the best thin lash bands for beginners are CLEAR! They look like a thin strip of plastic (because that’s usually what they are!) that have lashes coming off of them. This is a super lightweight and easy type of lash band to work with and I highly recommend you look for one!

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I know what you’re thinking, “I clicked this article because I want to be told which lashes to buy! Kailey, what are the best false eyelashes for beginners?!”

What lashes are the best?

This list could be endless, because there are SO many brands with multiple lash styles available.

I’ll stick to all of my personal favorites to make a short list of lashes I KNOW are awesome for beginners.

#1 Ardell Demi Wispies

Shop at Ulta | Amazon

These are my number one, favorite type of lash, for so many reasons.

The wispie line by Ardell is amazing, and they have some of the most natural and pretty looking drugstore lashes.

Ardell is affordable while still being high quality.

You can find them at Ulta and online at Amazon.

They are shorter towards the inner corner of the eye, and longer towards the outer corner, creating a beautiful lengthening effect that compliments MANY eye shapes and eyeshadow styles (especially winged eyeliner and smokey eyes)!

They’re also super lightweight, have a clear thin lash band, and are easy to apply – which makes them, in my opinion, the best false eyelashes for beginners. (Well, these and the other wispies below – you’ll see!)

I wore these lashes for my wedding day, over my more expensive and bigger lashes because they are so natural and beautiful.

If you buy these in single pairs in store, they are $3-4 each. Buying a multi-pack is much more cost efficient!

While you don’t necessarily need 5 pairs, it IS good to have back up pairs when you are learning because sometimes you may rip a lash or cut it too short (I’m guilty of this!) so this is the best deal you can get!

#2 Ardell Wispies

Okay, these are actually very similar to #1. The difference is that the regular wispie shape is less tapered than the demi wispies!

These would look great on someone who has large round eyes, and the demi wispies would look better on someone with smaller or hooded eyes. But honestly, they are both awesome. 🙂

Shop at Ulta | Amazon

 Similar to above, these lashes are natural, lightweight, and easy to apply. They have a clear lash band. And this awesome pack above comes with two pairs, a lash applicator, and some DUO lash glue!

#3 Kiss Ever EZ

Another wispie lash… I know! But they are SO great for beginners.

These Kiss ones are nice and have a thin clear lash band just like the Ardell ones. They are a bit lower on my list because the lashes themselves are a bit longer than Ardell, which I personally do not prefer. If you are looking for major length, choose these ones. If not, stick with Ardell’s!

Shop at Ulta | Amazon

These are gorgeous and a great beginner lash.

#4 Eylure Naturals 

These are the most natural looking lashes that I know of on the market.

They are extremely minimal. If you look at this photo, you will see how there are very thin and sparse lashes on them:

Shop at Ulta | Amazon

If you never or rarely wear makeup or mascara, these might be the best option for you, because they are SO natural.

Comparing them to the wispies above make the wispies seem very dramatic! (And they aren’t!)

Because of the small size of these lashes, they’re also very lightweight, which is a great plus!

#5 Ardell Variety 

More Ardell! If you can’t tell, they’re my favorite.

Honestly, this variety pack might be better than Kiss, and I do certainly like them better than Eylure (but we all have personal preferences!).

They are at the last place in this list solely because they come with more dramatic lash styles that might not all be as easy to apply.

Shop at Ulta | Amazon

This variety pack does include a pair of original wispies, which is awesome!

It also includes another natural looking style, and two lashes that are fuller and a bit more dramatic.

If you wear bold makeup and want to play with different kinds of lashes, I definitely recommend this set!!

Lash Glue

Now that you know what the best false eyelashes for beginners are (and how to tell if a lash you see is beginner-friendly!) it’s time to discuss lash glue.

There are two main affordable lash glue brands: Duo (owned by Ardell) and Kiss.

My personal favorite lash glue is the Duo brush-on strip lash adhesive. The brush is MUCH easier to use than the original squeeze tube, and the green brush-on version also has vitamins IN the glue! Duo glue is also latex free; if you have a latex allergy, definitely check the packaging on the glue you purchase before using.

Shop at Amazon | Ulta

My favorite thing about this glue is that it starts out white, so you can see where you are brushing it onto your lash band. As it becomes sticky, it turns kind of blue so you know when to apply the lash. Then, the glue dries completely clear!

What can be easier than that???

The rival to Duo is Kiss Lash Glue – which many people swear by!

Shop at Amazon | Ulta

This glue is also brush on, which is awesome, and dries clear! It even has aloe in the formula, which is hydrating.

Most people typically vastly prefer one of these over the other, and it totally depends on your personal experience and skin type! I suggest choosing one, and if you don’t like it try the other.

Best False Eyelashes for Beginners! Falsies can be intimidating, and this article really taught me what I need to look for when I'm searching for fake lashes - natural, easy to apply, and a thin lash band! There's a lot of info here that would be helpful to many people like me. Check it out on :) #makeup #falselashes #beginner

I hope this was a helpful guide for you!

If you don’t know how to apply (and remove!) false lashes, I give a brief overview in my ultimate guide here:The Ultimate Guide to False Eyelashes! If you've a beginner who has never used fake lashes before or a pro that slays falsies daily, this ultimate guide to false eyelashes will still teach you something! Covering the types of lashes, how to apply and remove them, and even the materials they are made from - this is everything I need to know! Makeup tips and LOTS of info like this at :) #makeup #eyelashes #falsies #tips

Have any questions or want more suggestions? Always feel free to contact me or leave me a comment, and I’ll reply ASAP 🙂

Do you know of any false eyelashes that are PERFECT for beginners? Let me know in the comments!

Beginners Guide to Choosing the BEST false eyelashes! Falsies can be intimidating, and this article really taught me what I need to look for when I'm searching for fake lashes - natural, easy to apply, and a thin lash band! There's a lot of info here that would be helpful to many people like me. Check it out on :) #makeup #falselashes #beginner

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