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I bet you haven’t seen a holiday gift guide about eyebrows, eh? While I was browsing online at Ulta, I couldn’t help but notice all of the awesome bundles of eyebrow products that are available this year! I knew I had to share them with you and figure out which the “best” one was. Keep reading to see the best brow product bundles available this holiday season, 2020!

Makeup Glossary

Most of these brow product bundles come from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit Cosmetics – two high end brands that have built a lot of their loyal following based on their brow products.

Even if you aren’t shopping for someone else, these bundles are the perfect way to stock up on your favorite eyebrow pencils, pomades, and gels at a discount!

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Best Brow Product Bundles for Holiday 2020

Brow products are very subjective, because we all like different brow styles and use different products. Instead of choosing one overall “best” bundle, I’ve broken it down into categories and chosen the one I think that specific type of person will like the most!

The best deal overall is a bundle of full sized products that is almost 60% off retail price that you can check out here.

Best Brow Gift for the Person Who Loves Natural Brows:

In my experience, powder brow products are the best way to achieve light, natural, and blended out brow looks. They look much softer than pencils and pomades, but can still be built up if you’d like a bold look.

For this reason, I think this set is perfect! It includes a two-toned brow powder, a double ended brush and spoolie to apply it, and a clear brow gel to set hairs in place all day long. Everything you need for a natural yet put-together brow look, for 42% off of the normal retail price. Yes, please!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Ombré Brow Kit

Shop at Ulta

Best Brow Gift for the Person Who Loves Bold and Precise Brows:

Alternatively, the best gift for anyone who lives in year-round hot weather and doesn’t want to sweat their eyebrows off.

This “melt-proof” brow kit includes a very long wearing ABH Dipbrow (aka the best brow pomade I’ve tried), the perfect brush to apply the Dipbrow, and a strong-hold tinted brow gel. If you want the famous “IG brow” look, it can be achieved with this set, for 47% off the normal retail price of all the items individually.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Melt-Proof Brow Kit

Shop at Ulta

Best Brow Gift for the Person Who Loves Fluffy and Defined Brows:

Layering brow gels is the best way to build volume on your brows and create a super fluffy and feathered look! This can be done with multiple layers of the same gel, or by using two different ones (OR soap brows, but we aren’t getting into that right now).

This kit contains two full sized brow gels – one tinted, one clear – and a mini sized brow pencil to help define your brows. In addition, it contains brow stencils to help you shape your brows! This kit is 47% off of retail price, making it a great way to try out both brow gels so you can pick your favorite.

Benefit Cosmetics Feathered & Full Brow Set

Shop at Sephora

Another honorable mention is this similar kit from ABH – including two mini brow gels, one tinted and one clear, and a full sized brow pencil. This one is 30% off retail value.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Best Brows Ever Kit

Shop at Ulta

Best Brow Gift for the Person Who is Learning to Do Their Brows:

When I first learned how to do my brows, I spent quite a while messing with different types of products to get a feel for what I liked. This kit comes with one of everything, so you can really learn what types of products you love to use the most on your brows!

Including 5 full sized products at 59% off retail value (really!) you can’t go wrong with this bundle. It has a pomade, a clear gel, a tinted gel, and two different shaped pencils to try. Even though I’ve been doing my brows for nearly 5 years, I’d still pick this up for myself because it’s such a great deal!

Benefit Cosmetics Magnificent Brow Show Full Size Eyebrow Value Set

Shop at Ulta

Best Brow Gift for the Person Who Always Wakes Up Late:

In my experience, a quick brow pencil and clear gel is the fastest way to have structured brows when I’m on a time crunch. A couple dedicated seconds to draw an outline with the pencil, fill them in really quick, and slap on the clear gel (which is great because you don’t have to worry about tinted product on your face!).

This basic set includes a brow pencil and clear gel, AKA the best combo to get your brows done quickly. It’s simple, effective, and 37% off retail value. Perfect.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Better Together Brow Kit

Shop at Ulta

Best Brow Gift for the Person Who Gets Ready in Their Car:

These mini-sized pencils and gels are not only the best way to try out a variety of products at a low cost, but they are also the perfect size to throw into a purse, backpack, or pocket when you’re running out the door.

Including two different brow pencils, a tinted brow gel, and a clear brow gel, this kit has everything you need for perfect brows – in a small size! At 50% off, this is a great deal you don’t want to miss.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Starter Kit

Shop at Ulta

Best Brow Gift for the Person Trying to Grow Out Their Brows:

While this bundle won’t help them in their makeup routine, it might help their eyebrow hair grow back quicker and fuller!

Grande Cosmetics is known for their lash growth and brow growth serums. This bundle includes both at a 50% discounted price, which is awesome. Lash and brow serums are something that a lot of people might want, but not want to purchase for themselves due to their price. That makes this a great gift for someone you know is trying to grow ’em out!

Grande Cosmetics Goldie Luxe Lash and Brow Serum Set

Shop at Sephora

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I hope you found this guide helpful! I’ve never seen anyone post about the best brow product bundles before, especially as a holiday gift guide – but I’m not like other beauty bloggers 😉 haha!

Seriously though, I hope that my silly headings help you figure out which bundle might be the best for you or someone on your shopping list.

Don’t forget to check out all of my holiday 2020 gift guides here!

xoxo, Kailey

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